Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Blocks Are Rolling In

Blocks for Kandee have started to arrive. My PO box was pleasantly full today.. here is what I have received so far. They are all great blocks. I love the fabrics people are choosing!

by Diane S.

by Barb G.

by Joan M.

by Karen R.

by Yvette G.

There is still time to get blocks to me. Reminder: this will be a quilt for Kandee who lost her entire farmstead and everything she owns in a tornado here in Minnesota. Blocks are due to me by August 1. Leave a comment if you have questions and/or want to help. I can email the details to you.

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Elaine Adair said...

How funny Carol ... I was skimming through blogs, just like I do, somewhat haphazardly, and there on your blog are MY blocks I just made - resulting in my pea brain, totally unfocused at the moment, but LOL, I'd forgotten I just mailed MINE to you today -- they all look similar. Duhhh, I wasn't thinking. This will be a beautiful quilt. 8-))
Keep up the good work.