Monday, May 28, 2007

Fun Weekend!

I started out the weekend thinking I would pull out some UFOs and finish them. I did not pull out a single UFO! I had a lot of fun sewing, however. I did all new stuff. Silly me, but it was fun. I used my ducky fabric to make this quick and easy little baby quilt. (I only had a half yard of the ducks, so this plus a few random blocks is about all I will get out of that fabric)

This quilt, made of crumb (scrap) blocks, was another quick and easy one, using Tonya's letters for the Xs and Os. I thought about writing "sweet dreams" or "sleep tight" in the border, but realized that I don't enjoy doing the letters enough to write anything of any length. I'm just not good at them! I can handle the Xs and Os, though. They're quick and easy... that's my M.O., I guess. Quick and easy? I'll do it!

I got bindings put on these two: Swirly and Gs. The one I call Gs is made of wonky blocks and strips that someone donated to someone who donated them to me. They were kind of challenging to work with, but I decided just to slap them together and pretend it was a Gees Bend style of quilt. I don't dare categorize mine with the Gees Bend quilts, so I just call mine Gs.

This is Swirly--

This is Gs --

I belong to an online Block Lotto group and made the May and June blocks. Here they are:

(May - Grandmother's Choice from

(June - Really Split Nine Patch from

I had planned to make a bunch of the June blocks, but was unhappy with how my points ended up not meeting very well, so I stopped at two. I like how the blocks go together, though, so I may make more of them over time. Maybe I'll have the right karma with my points on another attempt.
Today, Memorial Day, we had a fun lunch at the Blue Park with our grown-up kids. (Back when she was about 3 years old, Daughter named it the Blue Park because of a blue swing.) They are such nice grown ups! I love spending time with them. And the Blue Park is a very pleasant, beautiful place. We had a nice little visit, enjoyed good food, and still got home in time to do more fun stuff (laundry, prepare for going back to work, and maybe a little more sewing). Have a super duper week, everyone!


Elaine Adair said...

You're just going to town with all those darling projects! You're a whirlwind! Great job! Like that split 9-patch.

Tonya Ricucci said...

That ducks quilt is really cute. I love how it looks a bit amishy, but not at all. Very fun. The Xs and Os are marvelous too as is the really fun Gs quilt.

Andi said...

I wondered how you'd use those darling ducks! All your quilts look so fun!

Unknown said...

Gosh you have been busy Carole - love the ducks quilt

atet said...

Your blocks and quilts are so much fun to look at. That duck fabric is absolutely darling and the lucky "duck" who gets it will love it as well!

Catherine said...

I really like your G's quilts...definitely in the same spirit as the Gee's.