Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Did Some Quilting

Last weekend I finally got some quilting done. I think I posted these tops before, but now they are fully finished quilts. When I send tops away for someone else to quilt them, it's easy to part with them. But when I finish them myself, I fall in love with them, and I have a hard time giving them away. I do it, but it's hard. It's funny how much cuddlier it becomes when it's quilted, and it even makes a huge improvement from being quilted to putting on the binding. It becomes a "sealed"unit and so great!

OH, I love this quilting hobby of mine!! It would be fun to see all the quilts I have ever made in a big pile somewhere and paw through them all and have happy reunions with them all. I hope a lot of them are being cuddled and loved by kids all over the world.

These two quilts are headed to Project Linus, St. Paul MN chapter.


Tracey in CT said...

They look great! I agree about getting excited about the transformation from top to cuddly quilt. Sometimes it is so hard to give them away!

Patti said...

Good going Carol! I agree - a top that's just soso becomes something wonderful when it's quilted and bound - every time!

YankeeQuilter said...

I hope you are saving the photos of your quilts somewhere. It isn't the same as "pawing" thorugh a pile but it does take up less storage space!

Great quilts. I'm sure they will be loved.