Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Joy of Friends

Last weekend I went to Omaha. I got to spend a day with my pal, Carrie! She is literally my pal. First we were pen pals, and after a while we met and have become friends for real. (And we still write each other lots of letters.) We had a nice day in Omaha, just hanging out and finding our way around the city. This is Carrie emerging from a Domino's Pizza after asking for directions. Hint: never assume that pizza drivers know the city backwards and forwards.

We went to Old Market, shopped a little, and ate lunch outside at this spaghetti place. It was yummy, and such a nice day to be outside.

One place we shopped was called "Nameste." This beautiful blanket was in that store. It is from Nepal or India, one of the two. I broke a bracelet in this store, and the clerk didn't even make me pay for it. Bless her heart. I did buy an intact bracelet, but I want to add more beads to it to liven it up a bit. (So I'll have to "break" this one, too.)

Cute store name! We didn't go in, but I photographed the sign. And ever since I have been singing...Oh, Mairzy Doats and Dozey Doats and Little Lambsey Divey!

We went to the Joslyn Art Museum. It's gorgeous there! This is the atrium. There is a beautiful, tiled fountain there, but all my pictures of it came out blurry.

This big hall was being set up for a wedding reception. I love the shadow pattern on the wall!

The museum is featuring some impressionist paintings. I got to see Renoir and Monet works up close, an inch from my nose! It was so tempting to touch them! But I didn't... just knowing that those were the VERY PIECES that those two artists worked on was so exciting. You can see the brush strokes, and oh, the colors are so beautiful in person! Just like quilts... no picture can do them justice.

This is Carrie and me at the museum. Carrie's the cute one. the guy behind us was hunting for our dinner, but he wasn't having very good luck. I ate shrimp for dinner, which I don't think he caught with his bow and arrow.

Last, we squeezed in a visit to a quilt shop in Omaha -- Country Sampler. I bought these pretty spring colors for who-knows-what project. Carrie didn't like them much! We don't have the same taste in fabrics. But we like each other anyway. Hooray for friends! Thanks for the fun time, Carrie!


Tracey in CT said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! The fabrics you bought are very pretty...I especially like the one with the dots on it.
Oh sure, now I'm going to be singing that song all night long! :-)

Helen said...

You had a great trip, just the kind I like to go on!

Finn said...

Hi Carol, what a wonderful outing! Your friend sounds like a perfect pal to explore with. Great pictures. I slso am a fan of that song...*VBS* Hugs, Finn

atet said...

What a wonderful trip! I love impressionist paintings as well -- and am lucky enough to have seen some great ones in Chicago. Aren't they amazing?

Unknown said...

I love that song...I never knew how to spell it though!!! What a beautiful blanket.

Unknown said...

I'm in Tonya's winter class, and decided to read the blogs of all my classmates- I LOVE yours!!!

I had the same experience with Starry Night by Van Gogh. I live nearby to NYC, and we were up seeing a show on Broadway, and I dragged my mom to the Museum of Modern Art and paid the entrance JUST to see Starry Night up close. I had to fight soooooo hard to not touch it- there were no ropes or glass or anything!