Saturday, April 14, 2007

I got a new hat!

After some beautiful but not-very-welcome spring snowfalls, it was wonderful to have a gorgeous, sunny, warm Saturday. I went out on a random sort of drive, taking a circuitous route to my final destination. I stopped at a garage sale, stopped at a Fair Trade Arts/Crafts sale, and stopped at a lemonade stand!

These girls sure brought back memories... the fun I had doing the same thing with my sisters and friends when I was their age, the fun I had helping my kids do the same thing a few (or is it umpteen) years ago. And then these cuties, drinking more than they were selling, and way excited that I gave them a dollar (for a ten-cent cup of lemonade) and told them to keep the change. Life is good when you have a cup of lemonade in your hand on a warm, sunny day!

And look at what I bought for myself at the Fair Trades sale (real name: The World Jubilee sale). Isn't this a great hat???? This is me photographing myself in my hat. And the next photo is me trying to show you the top of my hat while I'm still wearing it.

This is the woman who made my hat. She put one on, too, and allowed me to take her picture. I thought she looked so cute in her hat! Around here we have a plethora of outlets for purchasing these beautiful pieces of Hmong handiwork, but they won't last forever. Most of the younger generation has not learned how to do this fine art work. It'll begin to fade away with time. Maybe, with luck, there will be a resurgence like there has been with quilting!

This was my "real" destination of the day. My son and his friends are moving into their first apartment. They are renting a duplex. It's nice, roomy, and close to campus. Today was painting day. The very top level was a little dark but looks much brighter and happier with the white paint they are applying. They had an inter-generational work crew, not to mention an international one! A couple of the dads were helping, including my husband, and a friend from New Zealand is even helping! My son and another guy met the NZer at camp last summer. He is back to work another summer as a camp counselor. He said it's such a fun thing to do, and a great opportunity for him. They don't have camps in New Zealand, he says. Anyway, here is a look at the painting team. My son is the one in the red bandana, working on the ceiling in the little cubby hole they call "the tree house."


Joyce said...

What an adorable hat! It looks like it would be very difficult to make with the tiny pieces and the prairie points around the brim.

Kairle Oaks said...

Wow! That's some hat!!! And it looks like you've got a great painting crew!

Finn said...

Hi Carol, what a great hat you found! I don't think I could have resisted that one either. It's just so happy *VBS* Sounds like the spring break was just what was needed to refresh yourself for rest of the school year.
Neat picture of your crew at work, and I love the cemetary picture. Very nice. Hugs for happy days, Finn

Malagueta said...

Fantastic hat!!!

sewprimitive karen said...

Such cute pictures of absolutely everybody and the hat, too!

bingo~bonnie said...

Wat a fun day you had! You know I saw my very first lemonade stand this past Sunday as we were walking to our car - there was a house across the street and 3 kids had made a lemonade stand... so we drove up and dh and I each bought a cup.

They were charging $.25/cup...and like you, we gave them a dollar and let them keep the change. I commented to them that we had been going to chruch there 2 years and had never noticed a lemonade stand before ;c) - they got a real kick out of that.

I agree with you 100% - Life is good when you have a cup of lemonade in your hand on a warm, sunny day!

~Bonnie in SE Texas
PS - I love your colorful hat too!