Sunday, January 28, 2007

Quilt Show Coming Up

Greetings, readers! It's a cold but pretty day here in Minnesota... we started out the day at about -3 degrees F (about -18 C). You can see why I chose to stay inside today. It's pretty outside, but I didn't feel like bundling up. Today I am working on bindings and finishing hanging sleeves for the quilt show that is about to start (my guild's annual show). I also made another small quilt for the silent auction. The show opens on Feb. 7th. If anyone is in the Twin Cities area and wants to see the quilt show, check the info at this blog:
it's called dcsq (dot) blogspot
When I tried to make it into a link it went to a really weird site, so I unlinked it. Trust me, it is a normal blog.

I have made three small quilts for the auction. This year I just kept going! Usually it's a struggle to get one made. If I want to be brutally honest, I should admit I made four small quilts this year. One I'm turning in as made by "anonymous". It was rather ugly, and I didn't want my name on it. It was a quick, thrown together thing made of pre-quilted small blocks that I won as a door prize a while back. They started out ugly, and it didn't get much better when I made them into a top. The other three are at least worthy of having my name on them.

Here is the one I made today. It is nothing like I had in mind when I started. I hope someone likes it. It is totally made of scraps. The beads are leftovers from some I bought in Port Townsend, WA last July. Wish I'd bought lots more. They are fun to add to small quilts, and I haven't seen anything as nice here in MN. The dowel is from a very cheap, ugly wall hanging I bought last year in the after-Christmas sales. I paid 50 cents for the whole thing and mainly it was to use the dowel. And all the fabrics are from my scrap bin. So it was a very inexpensive little quilt.

I haven't been through the blog rings to catch up on everyone's news. I'll go do that now and hope that I hear about an upcoming arrival in Paris of Tonya and her cats. Have a happy week, everyone!


Joyce said...

It's a cute wall hanging. The beads add a nice touch.

Lois R. said...

Carol, thanks for commenting on my blog and admiring my quilt.

I love your little heart quilt. That's got to be my favorite kind of quilt -- made from scraps, an unexpected beauty.

Lois R. said...

Ooo! I just went back to look at the little cutie again and noticed that the heart is made of crumbs! Now I love it even more!

Laura said...

Very Artistic!!! Love it. Good for you in getting 4 quilts done for the show.

Tracey in CT said...

Now you've got me curious...I want to see the 'ugly' one. I bet it isn't even close to ugly.

This one is pretty neat...I like the beads, and I like tha the heart isn't in a red or pink like you'd expect.

ForestJane said...

You're right, I'd have paid 50 cents for the dowel alone too... lol

How big did it turn out to be? I can't tell from the beads or blocks if it's a foot square or a yard square. :)