Sunday, November 12, 2006

Back from Retreat

This weekend I went on a quilt retreat with my local guild. It was great! We were at a church camp in Wisc. Weather was a little cold, but we had sunshine on Saturday, and the scenery was beautiful. Take a look at the view I had from my work station. Not bad, eh?

Here's a top I put together for a woman who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I plan to add borders and get it delivered soon.

Here's our group at work, followed by some miscellaneous shots of the weekend's activities.

There was another quilt group there in a different building (also a large group of scrapbookers.).

This one is my quilt in process


Darcie said...

Gorgeous view while sewing and retreating, Carol! Wow!

You've got some pretty terrific projects going on! Love your Pinwheel for your friend fighting cancer. She'll be so touched by your generosity!

Joyce said...

Great view and looks like a good time. Love the quilts you showed.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great retreat. The quilts are wonderful - I love those colours :-)

Andi said...

Beautiful quilts...I especially love the pinwheels! I haven't been on a retreat in a while..they are such fun!

Lucy said...

I see ... You had also very much fun a the retrait ;-) what a lovely few and a great result!!