Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Quilty Weekend

Friday night after work I started quilt projects, and worked straight through Sunday evening. I am trying to finish some UFOs (unfinished objects) and made great progress!

I made a baby quilt that will go to ABC Quilts - for at risk babies and children. First I'll send it in for their quilt contest... not in expectation of winning, but just to join the fun challenge. After winners are announced, the quilt will be returned to my state and given to a child here. So that is all put together and ready for quilting. There is one section that didn't turn out as nice as I had envisioned. Now I'm puzzling over whether or not to do that part over again. It would be an improvement, but would also be a hassle. What do you think??

I put together a larger child size top made from "ugly" blocks. My UFE (ugliest fabric on earth) challenge resulted in some cute blocks made by others and a nice quilt that some child will enjoy. Another Ugly Duckling transforms into a Swan.

Today I put together three donated blocks and made a Christmas table runner. It's quite pretty! It was a challenge as the three blocks were all different sizes. I solved that problem with simple borders to make them all the same. My plan was to donate this to my guild's small quilt auction. I didn't know I would like the end result so much! Now I'm giving myself time to think about where and when I will donate this table runner. Sometimes after all the work put into a quilt, it's hard to part with it!

Back to work tomorrow morning! Hey, could I start working part time, please?


Cher said...

only fix that part if you think it really bugs you too much!

Carol E. said...

Cher, thanks for that thought. You helped me decide. I'm going to leave it as is. Maybe I can fix the "problem" with the quilting.