Monday, January 09, 2006

The Case of the Disappearing Blocks

Tonight I made about ten small blocks. They had to be squared up. I moved the blocks over to my cutting mat while I looked for my squaring ruler. This is a distance of about 4 feet from sewing machine to cutting mat. Voila! I found the ruler. Turned around to start working on the blocks, and I couldn't find them! I've been searching around for hours and still can't find them. What on earth did I do with them? Or did they grow legs and run off on their own? It's a mystery.


Anonymous said...

Were the blocks near the edge of the table?! Sounds just like what my cats would do -- just a paw here, and paw push there, and off the table the blocks go!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever find the blocks or are they still out there in an parallel universe?