Friday, January 07, 2022

Quilts Delivered to Comfort Cases (Parts 1 and 2)

 Sunshine Quilt Guild is an online group whose members make quilts for kids in need around the world. One of our current initiatives is for kids going into foster care. We send our quilts to Quilts Beyond Borders which has an arrangement to provide quilts to a program called Comfort Cases. Comfort Cases gives kids a backpack with a blanket (or quilt), book, pajamas, and a few other things that can comfort a child. This is to avoid them having to carry their belongings in garbage bags. Comfort Cases is headquartered in Maryland but provides these backpacks and duffel bags to foster kids all over the U.S. If you like the idea of helping kids who are going into foster care, you could help us make quilts, or you could donate financially either to Quilts Beyond Borders or to Comfort Cases.

Recently some pictures of quilts sent to Comfort Cases were posted here. The pictures are only partial views of the quilts, so I thought I would show the pictures of the whole quilts. These are only pictures of the quilts that I helped make. Interestingly, many of our quilts are group-collaboration projects. Each of the quilts below has their own creation story, which I won't go into at this time. Here you go:

, >

In the next few days more pictures will probably be posted, and if any quilts were worked on by me, I will add the whole pictures of them here. Come back and see if there are more whole quilts to look at!

Part 2, Jan. 10 --
More of my quilts that were sent to Comfort Cases:

 This is the backing on the quilt above.

I also ice dyed the following baby blankies and sent them to Comfort Cases:

Now I am starting my next collection of quilts to donate in 2022!

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