Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Book Review: Gate 76

Gate 76 by Andrew Diamond

I had hopes for this being captivating. It started out good; I thought I was in for an interesting story. It quickly plunged into a very boring saga of the main character driving to Town X and talking to Joe, driving to Town Y and talking to Bob, driving to Town Z and talking to Fred, e-mailing Bill, Jane and Sally, and calling back to his office to report in and keep his partner confused.

This one has not changed my mind on why I dislike mysteries.

I was in a "book and one other thing" exchange. I gave my person this book along with a bag that I made. She likes mysteries; I'm sorry I gave it to her, but I'm hopeful she might like it.

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joe tulips said...

I love mysteries! Don’t be sorry you gave it to her, she just may love it. I’ve been sewing, but nothing I can show at this point. I want to blog, but I am so boring lately! The bag is adorable, I like the fabric. We just finished reading a Long Walk to Water in school. A very good book!