Sunday, May 27, 2018

Baby Quilts

I have such a pile of tops that are waiting to be completed! I finally decided I need to do some machine quilting and get some of them done. One day I quilted five tops.. all in one day! That is pretty rare for me. I usually don't do more than two in a day. Well, these were small so pretty easy to do while I was on a roll.

Then I got 4 of them bound pretty quickly. Then... screeching halt! I needed to take a break from that and do some creating. I made a house block just for fun:

and the top is made from Lotto blocks I won at Sunshine.

Would you like to join us at Sunshine? We make quilts for kids and send the quilts to two different programs: Wrap a Smile (quilts for kids going through cleft lip/palate surgery around the world) and Quilts Beyond Borders (quilts to underserved children around the world). We do a block Lotto and sometimes have challenges with each other, and we have an all around good time being quilt pals at our list. We recently moved from Yahoo to MeWe. MeWe is similar to Facebook but with NO ads and they never use or sell our information. Here's a link to the MeWe site where you can join us: Sunshine.

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