Friday, September 08, 2017

Rocky Mountains, Part Two of Two

Rocky Mountain National Park was established the year my dad was born.. they're both 102 years old now (Dad celebrates in Heaven).

I liked how these trees show the survival technique of trees up at the timber line where icy winds prevail. The icy winds come in from the windward side, making it too cold for growth on that side, so it grows only on the lee side. How clever of the trees, don't you think?

Most of the above pictures were taken at Bear Lake. It's a very popular destination. The parking lot fills up, and then one must ride a shuttle to the lake as there is no more room for more cars. We decided to wait until after 6:00 PM. We were so glad we did; there were very few people there, which was definitely a benefit that made our visit there enjoyable. I would have hated having wall-to-wall people there! It's a gorgeous little lake with a nice hike that goes all the way around.

My very nice husband agreed to drive us to Golden, CO so I could see the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. I loved their current exhibit which was quilts from the Caohagan Islands (part of the Philippines).
The last quilt photo is a detail of a larger one.. I loved the bird's-eye perspective of these kids.

It was another beautiful drive over to Lyons where I wanted to visit a quilt shop. I'm so glad we went; it's a fabulous shop. I could have spent hours there. It's in a building that used to be the Black Bear Inn, which is why it has that black bear on their sign. It has a huge parking lot fit for an inn, so go there with all your friends! There's plenty of parking space!

Our last evening in Colorado gifted us with a beautiful sunset.
Coming back home, we drove through the Sandhills in Nebraska. They are beautiful, but.. oh, my. They go on forever and ever. Be sure you have a full tank of gas!

I loved Colorado. Under the right circumstances you could convince me to live there.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos. Another quilt museum I must attend!

And so glad you held that rock up!