Wednesday, March 01, 2017

An Excellent Quilt Show

I am now a former member of this Dakota County Star Quilters guild that puts on an annual show in a local museum. It feels funny to say that, because I was a faithful member for about 16 years! I found myself getting busy with another guild and decided I didn't want to split my loyalties. My "new" guild is the MN Contemporary Quilters, and I find it to be a good challenge for where I am in my quilting life, so I did not renew membership at the previous guild.

Anyway, I went to this year's show and really loved it. This year they decided to collaborate with Minnesota Modern Quilt Guild, so the quilts on display are of a wide variety from traditional to very modern. What fun!

My camera battery was dying, so I only took a few pictures. I'll probably go back to the show again and will take more the next time.

by Rosemary Root
I believe this one is by Nancy Bekedam

I don't know who made the next two:

The first one below is the Bonnie Hunter mystery, made by Nancy Bekedam. I don't know who made the next three.
This last one was also by Nancy Bekedam (yes, she is prolific).. she does longarm quilting and this one is BEAUTIFULLY quilted. I voted for this one for Viewers' Choice Best of Show.
I'll have to go back and get a better shot of this one.
And there are many more that I want to show you! Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great show!

My experience with thinking abut quitting a guild is that it gets super good just before decision time, so I don't quit. Shifts between guilds.