Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Daily Life

Our son spent two years teaching in Korea. He's back home (for now), and has had fun cooking for us now and then. Tonight he prepared a typical Korea restaurant meal. It's cooked at the table; as parts are finished, people take them right out of the pan, with chopsticks, of course. (I used a spoon. I should probably attempt to master those pesky chopsticks.)

He said we were missing some key ingredients, but hubby and I couldn't tell, and we thought it was delicious. Sometimes one puts some of all the parts (rice from a separate bowl, and from the pot one takes vegies and meat as desired), rolls it up inside a lettuce leaf, and eats it all in one bite. He said he had never seen anyone eat it in bites like I did.

At the end, when most of the pot ingredients are eaten up, the rest of the rice is put in there, an egg is added, and "fried rice" is created. Yum! What a fun, end-of-meal delight!

In other family news: my mother is out of the hospital and out of rehab and back in her own apartment. She's much happier there. She's doing pretty well - as well as can be expected when one is 95 and has various ailments from which to try to recover.

Today I sewed along with my new, regular group which meets every Wednesday. It's a long drive from home, but fun to have a group with whom to sew every week.

I finished assembling this quilt, made of a hodge podge of donated and orphan blocks.

I also finished the binding on this baby quilt which is for my newest great-niece.

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