Saturday, November 07, 2015

Nearly Perfect!

Please pardon me, but I need to brag. I know you'll understand that my amazement is too much to not brag about.

I was working on some blocks; when I finished my first one, I noticed how perfectly the orange pieces had lined up at the point where they make a vertical line. (I know, some quilters are always so exacting that they are always perfect. I'm not! So this was exciting for me.) Take a look at that nice, nearly perfect vertical line!

Then I made a second block, and when I got it all done, I noticed another perfect accident... see how the print on the white background almost perfectly matches to complete the rounded pattern between the two pieces?? I wasn't even watching that when I constructed it! I was watching to try to reproduce the perfect vertical line again (which I did), and this other (near)perfection was a complete surprise. Fun!

I just had to share.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I think accidentally perfect makes us more grateful. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Great work! --Torina

Anonymous said...

Always fun to have things turn out well, whether planned or intentional.