Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Sewing My Way Into 2013

I finally have had some good hours in the sewing room. Son is still home, and he ever so kindly offered to help me do some cleaning. I could pick any room, so I asked if he was willing to help me tackle my sewing room, the messiest room in the house. What a guy! He pitched right in, and we both worked for a couple of hours. It's not done, but I can now walk around in the room!

He left to visit friends, and I worked a bit more on the room. I found a lot of things I had entirely forgotten about. I have resolved not to buy any more fabric until I get a bunch of these current projects done and out of the house. (I hope I can stick to my resolution.)

Cleaning a sewing room and finding things that need one's attention are both great motivators! I awarded myself (for cleaning) with some fun sewing time. Here is a scrap quilt top I made. I think I might add something to top and bottom to make it a tad longer; otherwise it is done and is now in the to-be-quilted pile.

top in progress, growing as I sew scraps together randomly

I thought it used up a lot of blue scraps, but incredibly, as I cleaned and organized my room, I found loads more scraps, and my blue bin is once again overflowing, as are all the other colors. Using up my fabrics and scraps could easily become a full-time job!

I worked on another quilt that is a gift, so I can't show it to you until I present it to the recipient-to-be (RTB). I like it so far and hope RTB will like it, too.

I also worked on another secret quilt that will be gifted at a later date. I'm having so much fun, but can't show you much for now!

Yesterday I joined a group called Doll Quilt Swap. See the button on my sidebar. It is a group of quilters who swap home-made doll quilts once per month. I thought it would be fun to have a new idea to work on this year. I have not done a swap like this in quite some time, and have never focused solely on doll quilts. We'll see how it goes. I have become fond of making doll quilts lately, after I made some for Christmas gifts. Hence my interest in continuing the fun.

As 2012 ticks down to its final moments, I want to say that I continue to be humbled and pleased to have readers, one and all, visit my little blog. People from all over the world read my blog, and that just amazes me. I am glad we can share a little time together now and then. Whether or not you comment, I appreciate you coming around to share in my world.

A few random fire crackers have started blasting off in the neighborhood, so I suppose that means it is now 2013. Well, Happy New Year to one and all! May it be a year of health and happiness.


Patricia said...

Happy New Year!!!!!! Love that scrap quilt---I think I will make one like it---I certainly have enough scraps as well.

Sextant said...

A son that helps clean your sewing room! Holy mackerel!

May you and your family have a very good 2013.

joe tulips said...

That is what I love about cleaning up the quilting and sewing things. It yields such great surprises!
The blue scrappy is looking good!