Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Party #3

Party #3 on Boxing Day: Hubby's side of the family celebrated at nephew's new home. He is a new resident at a nearby hospital. We're so proud of him! After all his years of study, he was able to begin his career at a wonderful institution and to buy his first house. He graciously hosted on his one day off.

She just got a Yahtzee! :-)

Since this is my third post focusing on Christmas parties, I think I should include some thoughts in addition to the photos.

I loved all the family time. At each party we enjoyed lots of cheerful, happy, laughter and fun with each other. We ate great food, opened gifts, played games. At my sister's house, the younger generations played outside in the snow for a long time, grooming a sledding run and thoroughly enjoying the excitement of snow play. With hubby's family we played a couple of long Yahtzee games full of laughter and good-natured teasing.

Sometimes I look around and am shocked at how time has passed. The youngsters have grown so much that they are now the parents and the young adults that used to be the role of my generation. It is an odd sensation to see that happen, yet fun and heart-warming, too. It makes me think of the family heritage, our now-departed ancestors, and all the family times we enjoyed over the years... the memories the youngest ones are now making.. all that lovely family stuff that runs so deep. Love it.

My mom had a short diabetes-related incident. She was sleepy and had a hard time waking up. We realized she needed to get a quick snack. It took her a while to perk up. It was a little alarming. Niece had a story about an incident she witnessed recently, also. Later we had a group discussion about how to keep a better watch on our mother and her medical needs. She is almost 90, and it appears to be time for us to be more attentive and involved.

All in all, the family ties were kept intact, strengthened, and appreciated. I guess that's a big part of what I hope for at Christmas time.

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Twisted Quilts said...

I can tell you are a family person just like I am. The only thing I ever want at Christmas is to be with my family. I am looking forward to getting together with some of my cousins tomorrow.