Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Read Three Books, Knitted a Dish Cloth

Our August vacation story: It started out great! We went to a state park and stayed in this camper cabin:

We expected to stay from Sunday to Thursday, but found out we had paid for more nights than we remembered, so we could stay through Friday, if we wanted to.... we thought about it. In the right circumstances, who would not want to extend a vacation by an extra day?!

This particular cabin was in a beautiful setting... lots of woods around, so we couldn't even see the neighbors in the farther-down cabins. Plus, the deck/porch faces to the back (woods) instead of to the front (road), making it more private than some. Really nice.

We used an antique quilt which I bought in a bakery (!) some years ago, and we have never used before. It is a good summer-weight quilt, has no batting; it is hand-quilted. Isn't it pretty?

These are called camper cabins, because they are glorified camping.. a step up from a tent (depending on one's perspective, of course). It has beds, and a table at which to eat, write, or play games. It has a screened-in porch and then the front deck. Outside is a picnic table and a fire pit. Cooking must happen outside, although crock pots are allowed inside. There is heat (in some), electricity (in most), but no plumbing. And no air conditioning in the Minnesota cabins. In South Dakota, all camper cabins have a.c.

Anyway, they are sort of like camping in that you use outdoor fire pits, and outdoor biffies, although most also have close access to the shower room with regular "facilities."

Now that we are both in our 60s, we prefer this to tent camping. It's more fun to have a space where we can stand up, walk around, and have lights on, protected from the rain and bugs.

Day One was only half a day; we just stayed close by the cabin, relaxed and read books, and looked at maps, deciding what to do the next day(s).

Day Two, we took the River Hike. It was beautiful, but was hot and muggy.... and guess who forgot to pack the mosquito repellant -- BOTH OF US!

Who's she?! Don't you hate it when some lady jumps into your scene and wrecks the picture?

Day Three was even hotter and muggier than before. Ugh. We both hate hot, muggy weather. We drove over to the Visitor Center to see what was there. We found these:

a beautiful wild flowers/grasses prairie with several bird houses...

..poison ivy...

..and a grand view of the river.

Next we drove into a small town nearby for lunch. Even though it was super hot, we ate at this outdoor café, because -- well, there wasn't a lot of choice in this little town, and the breeze was OK at first. I had a bison burger. Yum.

Then the breeze died down, and it was just hot and yucky.

One of our plans for the week was to rent a canoe and diddle around in the river, including jumping in to cool off. But it was just so steamy and hot, that even paddling a canoe sounded like too much work!

We went back to the cabin, and guess what we did... decided to go home! So much for extending our vacation. Instead, we cut it short! We stayed that night.. it was really miserable even into the night. It did finally cool off slightly, but never really got "cool." Just "sort of bearable."

Day Four: we packed up and went home. Just walking and packing and sweeping out the cabin turned us into sweaty, wet dish rags.

Speaking of dish rags, I did manage to finish knitting this one:

Husband and I each read three books, and started a fourth. (Different books - he has a Nook, I have a Kindle.)

Now we're home, and we're vowing that we are still On Vacation. We are sooo happy and thankful to be here with air conditioning. It's even muggier today than yesterday. Unbearable.

Tomorrow we'll probably go to a movie and maybe out for lunch. Can't do anything more taxing than that in this heat.

Stay cool, dear readers! I'll have a couple book reviews for you on Friday!

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Jan Mac said...

I loved looking at the photos but I'm happy not to have experienced the muggy weather. Sometimes a Stay-cation at home is the best sort of holiday.