Thursday, August 29, 2013

Grammar Gaffes

I'm a grammar snob. I will post quotes at Facebook when newscasters use incorrect grammar. Spelling mistakes bother me.

And suddenly I realized I have made two spelling errors in the recent past, here at my blog. OOPS! I'm red-faced.

Recently I said, "without further adieu..." I know it's supposed to be "without further ado..." Why did that happen?? (Rationalization: I majored in French, and French was on my mind.)

Yesterday I posted a photo of my quilt made of "selvedge" edges. I meant selvage!! At least in this case I used the British-English spelling for the word, and it carries the same meaning. I can't say the same for my "adieu" mistake.

Just wanted you to know, in case you were thinking 'oh, we caught her!' that I am aware I was in error, and I humbly apologize.


joe tulips said...

LOL. I'm much too busy looking at quilts to bothered with spelling or grammar. Spell check saves me a lot though.

joe tulips said...

To be bothered.
It wouldn't let me fix it after I hit " done"

Nancy said...

I catch mistakes I make... and sometimes I don't... and I'm an LA teacher LOL