Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friday Books: It's Saturday Night!

I have had a busy weekend so far. I realized this morning that I had not posted my Friday book review, and I was away from home and knew I wouldn't get to it until tonight. I don't suppose I've ruined anyone's life by delaying my book discussion. If I did, you needed a more exciting life anyway.

So.. I am still reading Prague Winter by Madeleine Albright. I have made only slight progress, because I interrupted myself by reading Falling Into the Fire by Christine Montross. I am reading it on my new smart phone. Had to try a book on the phone to see how it compares to my Kindle. Kindle wins, hands down. I don't like the light on the phone (it bothers my eyes and I often have to squint), and because I'm still so new at it, I don't know what I'm using up by reading on my smart phone.. speed? minutes? internet/wifi access? I'm still a smart phone rookie, so I can't tell you other than that I prefer reading on my Kindle.

Falling Into the Fire is quite interesting. Christine Montross is a psychiatrist, and each of five chapters centers on a particular type of patient, how they come into contact with the doctor through emergency room admittance or other ways. She talks a lot about the disorders, how she goes about determining a diagnosis, how cloudy the diagnosis can be because it can resemble so many others, yet with quite different treatment needs. I'm interested, and I like the doctor and her kind approach to her patients along with her probing of the illness and how it affects the patient.. she attempts to see the world from the patient's eyes in order to really get a hold on their experience and how to help them.

I'm not done with either of these books, but am nearly done with Falling Into the Fire. I like it well enough so I know I'll give it 4 out of 5 stars. The only drawback is that sometimes she repeats or goes on a little too long (at least for this lay person with a non-medical background) in her analysis of the particular psychosis at hand. Otherwise I'm finding it to be a very interesting read.

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KatieQ said...

I appreciate your insight on the Kindle. I have been debating whether I should upgrade to a smartphone or get a Kindle. I don't think I need both. I really want it primarily for reading and checking email when we are traveling.