Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quilting and Sewing, Sewing and Quilting

Friday night and all day and night on Saturday I was at a small sew-in/retreat with a few members of my guild. We got a lot done and had fun talking and eating while we worked.... the other joy of being a quilter (the camaraderie). We stayed 'til 10 PM each night. This is some of what I got done.

quilted a long time ago, I finally got the binding on

This one has been waiting for borders for a long, long time. Finally got that done.

a new project, started from scratch and all assembled, used The Road Trip pattern again from cluckclucksew

a doll blanket in progress

I worked on bag handles. My fellow quilters kept me sane ... do a boring job while others tell funny stories -- the only way I could manage to get handles on these bags. There are 41 finished bags here! Hallelujah!

The Minnesota Quilt Shop Hop is underway; I wasn't sure I was going to participate, but decided to today. I went to only three shops but put plenty of miles on my car and then just wanted to get home. I have a week to finish the 6 others in my section. Got a few "essential" beauties.


KatieQ said...

You really got a lot done. I like the doll quilt. It's a cute pattern.

Sharon said...

Wow, you sure got a lot done! My fave is the Asterisk quilt - Love it! And that owl fabric you got on Shop Hop is very cute.