Monday, August 26, 2013

Our Turn

We haven't had a bad run of hot weather this summer, yet; I figured our turn would come. Well, it came. Uffda. It's HOT! Today's high was 97 F or 36 C. It's going to be this horrible all week. Two groups I feel sorry for:

(1) anyone stuck going to the State Fair every day (like, if one works there). The entire run of the fair is going to be beastly hot. (I don't like the fair and don't attend.)

(2) my former colleagues in the school district from which I retired. They returned to work today, mostly into buildings that are not air conditioned. Triple ugh. At least the students aren't there yet. I'm crossing my fingers that it'll cool down by the time students arrive on Sept. 3.

Wish I could do this:

Think I would look that cute?

Oh! Playing in water -- that reminds me. I forgot to show off my talented nephew. He recently won Nationals in Trick Skiing!! Here's a pic, just to prove how talented he is. Amazing, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to your nephew. That is very awesome!