Saturday, October 20, 2012

Welcome to Saturday!

Saturday is a great day, even when one is retired. It means the rest of the world is off, too, such as husbands and friends. (Thank you to the people who continue to work on weekends for the pleasure and convenience of the rest of us.)

First thing I did today was attend a Saturday Sewing Day with members of my local guild. We worked on two quilts and got them both well underway. We will eventually donate these to a shelter for homeless people in the county where our guild operates.

The photo below shows one of the quilts being assembled. See the young participant? Her name is A. She is a high school student taking a college course on the study of sub-cultures. She decided to study the quilting sub-culture. She has attended a guild meeting, has interviewed several individual members, she came to our sewing day today and pitched in, and plans to attend part of our up-coming retreat. She is doing a great job of gathering information and giving herself enough time to learn all about us and about quilting. I was very impressed! She is way more self-assured than I was at her age. How fun to have A. join us for part of the day!

After my sewing day, Charles and I went to the airport. Here's a safety tip: never leave your car unattended, even for a minute. Thanks to 9/11, they are very suspicious and very strict about these things. We got a ticket, and would have had a bomb-sniffing dog come if we hadn't returned to our car just in time. (We parked at the baggage claim.. had to walk a few yards to give car keys to relatives who had arrived.. chatted a bit, then went back to our car.) Nuisance!

Charles made dinner tonight. Yummy in the tummy. And now I have more free time. I'll either read or sew or do a little of both!

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday, too!


Sextant said...

You had a busy day! Illegal parking, bomb squads, sniffing dogs...Oh my! Quilting subculture! It sounds very suspect.

AnnieO said...

I had no idea I was part of a sub culture but kind of like that idea :)

Wow, ticketed for leaving your car unattended, that is a bit harsh. Hope it isn't really expensive to pay off!