Sunday, October 21, 2012

Please Go to Claremont, California

Remember the Mail Art project that was going on at Prison Library Project? It is a fundraiser for the program that sends books to prison inmates all over the country. A few bloggers and I sent in some mail art. Here are some pictures from their show, which is on display right now as we speak!

I can see my quilted postcard in this photo. I feel like a little kid looking for mommy in the audience and waving at her from the choir risers.

Who knew a person could send a shoe through the mail?? There is the proof; those postmarked shoes can be yours, if the bid is right!

These are all being sold via silent auction. The final bidding party is on Friday, November 2. Hence my plea for you to go to Claremont, California. You can place a bid on one of these art works and go home with a cute item and with a warm heart for having helped a good cause.

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BrendaLou said...

What a cool thing! Claremont is just a hop,skip and a jump from where I grew up in So. CA