Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Whew! Another year, another church turkey dinner and boutique done. It's always pretty exhausting. But fun, too.

Friend B. and I run the boutique. We never know from year to year what things might sell, and also it is hard to decide on prices for the items. But I think we did OK income-wise, and we had a lot of shoppers and pretty things to look at. It never all sells (wouldn't THAT be a miracle??) but we have places to donate some of the unsold items. This year's hot item was the loop-dee-loop scarves, like this. I bought two of them:

I am going to use my scarves for my Halloween costume next week. Just wait 'til you see it. It'll be very revealing.............of something..... are you curious as to what it will reveal???? I'm not telling!

I'm too exhausted to talk any more, so I'm going to bed. Nighty-night!

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Sextant said...

I will be anxiously tuning in next week for the revelation. My imagination runs wild.