Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Books: This is Weird

The Weird Sisters with whom I am most familiar

I just finished reading The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown. This was a gift from my sister to me on my recent birthday. You have to laugh at the title!

This book is about three sisters. (I am the baby of three sisters.) This book revolves around the three sisters as they all move back home to help care for their mother who has cancer. As you can imagine, they don't always get along perfectly. There are natural clashes as happens in families, but deep down they love each other.

Throughout the book, each sister gets to know herself better and to understand her sisters more completely. Even though they are quite different when compared to my sisters and me, in some ways they are also very much like the three of us. It was uncanny! So it was an interesting experience following these sisters through their bumpy journeys through life.

Have you ever read a book that is written in omniscent first person plural? The narration in The Weird Sisters is in first person plural and really threw me off for a while, until I got used to it. The sisterhood of three is referred to as one entity (we, us) ... an interesting tie-in with the sister relationship and push/pull that happens within it.

I liked the book a lot and give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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Beth said...

I met Eleanor Brown. She is a fabulous person! I read Weird Sisters, too! In fact, it was at this author visit that I found out Anne Lamott was coming to town! lol