Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Editing My Blog

The last couple of posts I wrote were dumb. I deleted them. Sometimes I write stuff and then after it's up for a day or two I think, "Oh, that was stupid; I never should have posted that." So I deleted my last two posts. Now I feel better. Even though several people had already read, or even commented on, those two posts, I feel better having deleted them.

Here is a photo that I had shared. This part wasn't stupid! I got these two blocks from friends and really like them:

They came when I needed a friend and a hug! Thanks, Karen and KQ Sue.

We have a bazaar coming up at church, and I have been busy creating items to try to sell. I have no idea if my stuff will sell. It is so hard to know, from year to year, what buyers will like. It seems to vary every year. Here is a sampling of some of the items I will try to sell. I would like to take credit for the cute bear, but I did not make that. I bought it at a silent auction and then wasn't sure what to do with it. I hope someone buys it at the bazaar.

Here is something that makes me surprised and happy: I am up to 119 followers! Thank you, dear people. I know I often read other people's blogs and don't comment. I'm getting lazy about that in my old age. If I follow you at your blog, rest assured I make periodic rounds and read them, even though I'm silent. I don't require all my followers to comment, either. Life's too busy. But if you visit occasionally and read my (sometimes stupid) posts, I'm just happy to have you here.

Have I shared with you what a beautiful fall we've had this year? Breath-taking!

view of lake from my cousin's cabin

the lake pretending it is a mirror

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