Thursday, July 12, 2012

Please Answer...

Answer these questions in the comments section.... just for fun! Thanks.

1. I am _____

2. I wish _____

3. My friends think I'm _____

4. Books are _____

5. Top (or near the top) on my Bucket List is _____

Here are my answers:

1. I am mildly freaking out about soon turning 60.

2. I wish I were a better housekeeper.

3. My friends think I'm silly.

4. Books are great adventures.

5. Top (or near the top) on my Bucket List is to go to Europe with my husband.


Sextant said...

I am _____the husband of wonderful woman.

2. I wish _____ I were smarter.

3. My friends think I'm _____ a nerd.

4. Books are _____windows to the world for the Soul.

5. Top (or near the top) on my Bucket List is _____ live to 103 and die together simultaneously with my wife while making love because a meteor crashed into our bedroom.

Sextant said...

PS, that is a nice look a tad impish.

Terri said...

How fun!
1 I am 64 - and still alive... don't worry about turning 60. It's just one number, and it means that you are still alive. (If that's your current picture - I thought it looked like you were 40 or so.)
2. I wish I was a better wife. Heck with that housekeeping stuff. Nobody is going to remember you as a good housekeeper.
3. My friends think I'm a good quiltmaker. They're so kind.
4. Books are wonderful. I've lived in a medieval world, a wizarding world (I especially like that one.) Good for the imagination.
5. Top (or nearly) on my Bucket list is to make a Double Wedding Ring Quilt. I just need to work up the courage.

BrendaLou said...

I am....(loving being 60!) loving being a Grammy!

I wish I didn't cry so much/easily.

My friends think I've got it all together (little do they know!)

Books are a huge part of my live...I will read cereal boxes if there's nothing else to read!

Top of my Bucket list is to travel to Ireland with my hubby.

Patricia said...

I am --- re-evaluating what I "really" want to be when I "grow up" (in reality I have 5 adult children and 7 grandchildren--with my oldest grandbaby in her second year of college)

I wish --- I were more organized.

My friends think I am --- self-assured (I am not)

Books gave me the ability to dream and strive for better.

Top of my "bucket list" is to go to the Houston Quilt Show.

Thanks for the great questions!

Anonymous said...

1) I am . . . generally quite content.
2) I wish . . . I could be a stay-at-home gram for my granddaughter's sake.
3)My friends . . . think I died, probably.
4) Books are . . . piling up faster than I can read them.
5) Top (or near the top) of my Bucket Listis . . . a trip to Luxemberg.

Elaine Adair said...

1. I am usually content with my lot in life.
2. I wish I had more emotional strength and physical stamina.
3. My friends think I'm efficient and a teensy bit pushy.

4. Books are a comfort when I'm too weary for physical exertion.

5. Top (or near the top) on my Bucket List is to live to be as old as my mother (96, still living) but with mental clarity.