Saturday, July 07, 2012

Root Beer Floats Overdose

Hubby and I got on a root beer float kick recently. It all started when his father was in the hospital for several days, and then when he finally got to go home, hubby and his parents celebrated with root beer floats.

I wasn't with them, but loved the idea, so we decided to buy ice cream and root beer and have floats for our 4th of July celebration.

Well, I have overdosed on root beer floats since then. I've had a bunch! Every day! The way I like mine best is: a tiny bit of root beer with a LOT of ice cream. Then, because I already opened the can of root beer, I felt I needed to use up the "beer," so I'd have another float.

My poor belly is stretched beyond the limits of my waistband. Uffda. Not a good feeling. I hope I don't see another root beer float for a good, long time.

Now that I have totally disgusted you with descriptions of my gluttony, I will attempt to change the subject and talk about how disorganized I am. Another titillating topic, I'm sure.

The good news is, I found my book, Private Peaceful, and finally was able to finish reading it. (See Friday Books posted yesterday, July 6.) The book keeps its 4-star rating. But I do need to correct my misinformation. The story is NOT about an American soldier but about an English one. And the gravestone which inspired the writing of this story (carrying the name Peaceful) was seen in Belgium, not in France.

The next thing I lost was an entire prayer shawl. I finished knitting it during our trip to South Dakota in early June. Today I wanted to take it to church to show the knitting group how it turned out... but I couldn't find it anywhere. Sheesh. It is not fun being so disorganized.

However, TA-DA! More good news... it wasn't very far away. About one minute ago I glanced over to my left and saw a corner of the shawl. I had left it near some other knitting, but covered with a sheet so that our cat would not notice it and get into it.

Now I can wonder what else will turn up lost next time I need to find it in a hurry.

Oh, and just in case you are craving a root beer float, National Root Beer Float Day occurs some time in August. Watch for it.

P.S. I ALMOST FORGOT! (I know you find it hard to believe I would forget something.) I promised some photos of my solar oven cooking adventure. Here you go. It turned out great, and was cooked by the sun (except the rice which I cooked on the stove). I love solar cooking!!

You can read about solar ovens here.


Anonymous said...

C: Your post made me laugh. I loved how you took a playful look at yourself. The solar oven info was very intriguing. I think I would like it except I'm attached to my pressure cooker with a very short tether. Will you celebrat Root Beer Float Day with one more?

Sextant said...

I sneak root beer floats. Have a bowl of ice cream, and have a root beer at the same time. Take a spoon full of ice cream, hold it in your mouth and a swig of root beer. Your mouth explodes and root beer/icecream foam comes squirting out your ears. It takes a little calibrating, small spoon of ice cream and small swig of root beer. You have to be careful not to choke.

You got me in the mood for a root beer float . Off to the store.

Glad you found your book. Was it in the last place you looked?

Carol E. said...

Gram, I wasn't planning on celebrating National Root Beer Float Day, but I just may have to try the method suggested above and see if it foams out my ears.

And yes, the book was in th last place I looked. how did you know??

Sextant said...

Some one once told me that if you observe, generally a missing item will be in the last place you look.

I have never been able to confirm that theory because generally I am in such joy for finding the item, I forget whether it was the last place I looked or not.

There could be great application to humanity if we could simply change the axiom to: "you will always find the missing item in the first place you look."

Alas, mankind has thus been cursed by a poor choice provided by some philosopher obviously not concerned with efficiency.

However the source of mankind's curse is also the source of mankind's greatest gift. Upon observing Adam standing in one spot in the Garden of Eden with his hands and eyes raised Heavenward waiting for the missing item to drop in his hands, God saw that mankind was completely inept at finding anything, and it was not good. So God took a rib from Adam and created womankind whom He knew would actually look for something rather than standing pitifully looking Heavenward and grumbling "I can't find it anywhere." And God saw that this was good.

AnnieO said...

Root beer floats sound great but I agree they will fill you up to busting. I like diet root beer sort of as a dessert sometimes if I'm on a No Sugar regimen.

Nice that your two things reappeared! Can't say I'm exactly organized and surely do lose things sometimes, which is not fun. Isn't it amazing how completely your brain rids itself of some actions?

Your solar dinner looks delicious!

Sextant said...

Ugggghhhhhh! Rootbeer floats! Finally went to the store and got some A&W, Cherokee Red for my wife, and vanilla ice cream. Wonderful while you are consuming, but now I can't move. I feel like I ingested the Goodyear blimp.

Back to the mouth floats in the future.

Uffda indeed!

Elaine Adair said...

Did you and I not recently have an in depth conversation about root beer floats? LOL I'm sure it was you, and I have been thinking about them since, still not had one. One time I actually had the vanilla ice cream, but that was only half the recipe! LOLOL

Maybe it's best that way - don't want to get "hooked". 8-)