Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday Books: Private Peaceful

Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo is a book of fiction, inspired by a gravestone that was seen in France for an American soldier by the last name of Peaceful.

Private Peaceful is a 16-year-old who lies about his age to get into WWI, and he ends up going to combat in France. The first half of the book is his memories of growing up. He had a happy life in the country except for tyrannical teachers and a land-owning thug who pretty much ruled the rural area with his money and power. Oh, and young Peaceful's father dies and the Peaceful feels guilty, though it wasn't his fault. His mother is hard working and honest; he and his brothers get into typical boy shenanigans, but overall he's quite happy as a child.

I am enjoying the book, but... I'm getting frustrated with being absent-minded. I am nearly done with the book, but it suddenly vanished. I read it in bed Wednesday night. The next day when I went to finish reading it, I could not find the book anywhere. I must have carried it somewhere and put it down without the real me noticing. Now I have no idea where the book went off to.

Well, I was planning to give the book 4 stars, because it's an engaging read. It is also interesting to read of daily life back then as well as war strategies that were so different. I also knew, in real life, an older gentleman named George who had lied about his age (when he was 16) to get into the service and ended up going to France in WWI. So reading this book makes me think of George who ended up being one of the last survivors of the original founders of the American Legion. Of course, he passed on several years ago. Even back when I knew him it was unusual to meet a veteran from WWI. He was still alive because of his young age when he went in.

Anyway, let's just assume it's a 4-star book, even though sometimes a sloppy ending will reduce the rating I give it. Since I haven't read the ending, I'll assume it finishes in fine form and keeps the 4 stars I give it so far.

Now where on earth could I have put Private Peaceful???


Anonymous said...

C: I hope you've found the book! But thank you for the information. Sounds like a good read. Hope you are staying cool.

Sextant said...

Look in your oven. My wife lost her glasses. Couldn't find them anywhere. Looked for 3 days, finally gave up thinking that maybe the fell in the trash. Go buy a new pair. The day after we get the new pair ordered and can't cancel, my wife found her glasses in the roaster pan which she stores in the oven.

My life is devoted to looking for where I set my glasses, my watch, my wallet, and if I am working on something I mange to set every tool down were I can't find it. It is not a phenomena of old age. When I was 19 or 20, I set the oil drain plug to a Corvette down, and waited on a gas customer (back in the day when the attendant pumped your gas). Come back in the garage and I can't find the plug. I was afraid I set it on somebody's car. Looked and looked but couldn't find it. Finally I re-enacted my steps. When the bell had rung, I was cleaning the plug with a paper towel. On the way out to the gas pumps I set the plug in the paper towel on the tire machine. Poor guy thought he was being smart, get his oil changed on a Sunday night. He was there for three hours.