Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Bound and Determined

I have pictured these quilts before, but now they are totally done, so they deserve another go-around. I got them bound this week, which feels like a major accomplishment. (Bindings -- my least favorite part of quilting!)

The green one was machine quilted by Diane S. She does such beautiful work! Thanks for your help with my charity quilts, Diane! I sure do appreciate it. This one will be going to Wrap Them in Love.

The next quilt is one I did myself on a Statler. I took a class at a rent-a-longarm shop, and then was allowed to do this quilt free. It gave me practice, and it got a quilt done for Quilts of Valor.

I have one more quilt in the almost-completed stage, and then I'll go back to creating more tops.


AnnieO said...

Lots of good stitching happening in your corner, Carol! Love the quilting on both of these. I sure wish there were a rent a longarm around here to use.

Alycia said...

Great quilts! I love the design on the top one!! And you QOV is perfect! Great quilting!

soscrappy said...

Great pattern on the green scrap quilt! I am always on the lookout for leader and ender ideas.