Sunday, July 29, 2012

Company Coming!

Gearing up for company here, so you know what that means... trying to clean. However, since I hate to clean, what it really means is, put off cleaning as long as possible and do some sewing instead.

So I've been putzing around in the sewing room. Created this:

a close-up of the portion I added; the bear and tree with sky and water

I added it to this already-created quilt which is a Round Robin game we're playing at Sunshine. Eventually this will be added to again, finished and shared with a child.

Next I created this:

just a block.. the black is some scraps I was given, and I just felt inspired to sit down and use it in this way. Why not? It's more fun than cleaning!

And then this:
it's a little duckling block, paper pieced. I turned it into a pin cushion, but in the process the duck lost part of its duckiness.

This morning Charles and I worked in the nursery at church. It was really fun. This cute little boy was our only visitor for a while. Then we got another boy. Both of them are about 2and1/2. It had been a long time since we played with any 2-year-olds. It was fun, and the time went really fast.

Now I've done some sewing, surfed the net, watched some TV, written this blog, and petted the cat. I think I may have to admit that the time has come: I must cave in and do some cleaning. Company comes in 24 hours!

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