Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Books: Pie!

This week's book is Making Piece, a Memoir of Love, Loss and Pie by Beth M. Howard.

a peach pie made by Yours Truly

This is a memoir. The author's husband suddenly dies, and she is thrown into the depth of grief and at a complete loss as to what to do with her life. She was always a pie baker, and she finds baking pies to be healing and comforting. She likes to share pies; she organizes several pie give-aways. She makes pies in multiples that I would never consider (50-100 at a time), then serves free pieces to a fire station and to random people on the street.

Pie is almost a spiritual enterprise for her, and it helps her find herself after being blinded by grief. I love that she sees pie as a comfort food that is meant for sharing. I feel the same way about pie.

I enjoyed the book, but it got a little long; I was ready for it to end before it did. Maybe that was just me being distracted while I was reading this book.

You may see this author here and there.. she has appeared on at least one morning talk show and recently was invited to film for another. I can't remember which shows, but you can read more about her and her pies at her blog and websites called The World Needs More Pie.

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Anonymous said...

C: Luv that you wrote about this book. "Friday is Pie Day!" Good motto to live by. And you made a beautiful pie, to boot!