Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Post-Holiday Doldrums

I hate the time of year when Christmas lights get turned off. The excitement is over, the parties are done, and people go back to work. It's cold, dark, and nights are long.

Our tree is down (though not completely tucked into its box yet) and decorations are all ready to be put away (just need to find a box as I consolidated, and my old system won't work).

They say this is when Christmas really begins... we begin to put to work what we learned and celebrated at Christmas: peace and love and kindness and generosity and caring for each other. So I'm not totally bereft of hope.

I started going to the Y after work this week. I went two days out of two. Today was Day 3, and I knew I wouldn't make it because of our previously-made plans. But I'll be back there tomorrow. I'm hoping to beat some of my "creeping up to high" levels that they check in my blood. I don't want to get put on more meds; I just want to get healthier through physical exercise and eating better. Wish me luck!

If I can achieve those goals, I will be a happy camper. And maybe it'll help shake the winter doldrums.


Beth said...

I think that is one of the reasons I set resolutions because it helps to transition into the next phase of the season... I actually like hunkering down and reading, playing games and watching movies!

I am impressed with your going to the Y! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

I second Beth's comment. Way to go. But I'll be curious if you make it today, because of the SNOW!!!!!

Goodnight is back at school, but I'm still at home knitting. :-)

Julie Sharer said...

Wish I was there to go to the Y with you...I've been a total lazy bum and even my poor dog has gained some weight...always an excuse...too cold, too hot, too tired, too much to do. Good for you!! Perhaps your motivation will inspire of these days!

AnnieO said...

I hear you about the letdown when all the fun Christmas lights are gone--everything seems so dark and cold (even here in SoCalif!) Hope you get some free time to walk in some sunshine to brighten your mood. I just keep telling myself that in a month it will still be light when I get home from work!