Sunday, January 24, 2010

Missing the Cat, Sort Of

Yesterday we gave away the cat. Cat has now transferred his domicile from our home to the home of our son and DIL. They wanted him, and we didn't. Sort of.

Our daughter was no longer able to keep the cat, even though he started out as hers. Her BF is very allergic, so there's no contest. The cat must go. That's how we inherited Cat. But there had been talk of eventually giving the cat to Son/DIL. We all decided yesterday was the day.

We love the cat; the cat loves us; at the same time, we just didn't want him. We were never pet people and would not choose to take on a cat. But... I am grateful for the cat-love I learned from him. I learned a lot about all animals, thanks to Dear Old Cat. I am grateful for that lesson.

When it came time to deliver him elsewhere, I felt sad. I miss him. Sort of. But at the same time, I enjoy my freedom from his neediness. Today for lunch I opened a can of tuna without anyone running into the room, crying and begging for his share. And I'm not talking about Charles. I'm talking about Cat who could smell tuna from 8 miles away, and any can being opened was cause for instant begging.

And I can leave quilty and card-making stuff out on my desk without someone getting into it and knocking it all onto the floor.

So I'm mostly happy to be back to how we like it.

Tonight Charles and I are going to watch the Vikings game together on TV. Sort of. I'll be in and out while I play with my fabrics and greeting cards which are in a different room. I'll spend some of the time knitting while we watch football. If it's an exciting game, I'll stay longer. If it's boring, I'll be sewing in another room. I guess the results of my projects will indicate the level of excitement of the game. I'm thankful I don't have to attend the game with that guy. Uffda.


Mama Drama Times Two said...

I had to chuckle readig your post. What would a quilting project be without kitty help? We have 3 cats who are into laying in the middle of whatever it is that we are trying to do...ARGH. But I do love them anyways.

LoieJ said...

We used to have a cats, one at a time, and dogs, one at a time. Now we are happily pet-less. But the strangest thing about being petless is that when there are noises in another part of the house and I'm home alone, I can't automatically think, "Well, it is the cat jumping off the bed." Now I just wonder and wonder....It sure isn't the fabric, which I do occassionally pet.

Beth said...

Dogs Rule! Sorry that was insensitive! We had to give away a dog one time and my heart broke! They become part of who you are!

BrendaLou said...

sorry about the Vikings.

Nanci said...

One thing about cats...they are only a doorway from being free! So much easier to look after than dogs!
Our children don't have pets. We have a dog, which is more work than the kids ever were. You did well to give it a good home.
She won't be mad at you after tomorrow.