Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday's Fave Five

See? My dining room was clean once!

It's time to reflect on my week and list my favorites - the things I'm thankful for. To read more posts like this, go here.

1) Daughter is having some fabulous experiences. To protect her privacy, I'll just say that she is doing a lot of learning and growing which makes her very happy. She is a blessing to more than just me! Also, great news, her job was made permanent, and her seniority goes back to when she started on a temporary basis in August. She and everyone else are all very relieved and happy.

2) Son is doing some cool stuff,too. After he finished college he decided he'd like to study another language and do more reading. So he has started studying Spanish, and he is reading something... not sure what... but as an avid reader myself, this makes me very happy.

3) Cat, whom I love dearly, is now living with Son and DIL. I miss Cat a little, but I'm happy he is not at my house full time. He is learning all about his new digs. I know he will be well-loved where he lives now.

4) We had a great discussion at Book Group this week. We are starting a new book, but had not read any of it yet, so we just talked generally about the issues that we know are in the book. I would like to say publicly that a certain Megan person is mature beyond her years! Wish I'd been that wise at that age.

5) I know it's still the dead of winter, but my summer plans are moving right along.. my summer is filling up with FUN activities. I'm looking forward to all of it. Even my high school reunion, which I have not attended since my 10th year reunion. Would you believe that this year will be my 40th??? I don't believe it myself. I am only 43 years old.

6) OK, I just have to add a sixth one. I am feeling so good and so happy these days! I love life, I love my friends, love my family, love Minnesota even though it's freezing our butts off, love my job, love my car, and even love my messy house. God is good. Life is precious. Wheee!


True Blue Nana said...

Glad to hear your daughter is doing well.

AnnieO said...

Your happiness is contagious, I'm smiling while reading your list! What a wonderful end to the first month of 2010...:)

Laura said...

You're so right! God is good and life is precious!

What a blessing that your kids are happy, learning, and doing well.

And a good book discussion as well? All of that makes for a wonderful week.

Happy weekend!