Sunday, January 10, 2010

Body, Soul and Mind

Photo taken at Science Museum of Minnesota in that long-ago time when there was no snow on the ground. Remember that season?

Today was a full day.. went to church to feed my soul (worshiping with a great community) and my tummy (pancakes after church). Went to the Y to repair my body (treadmill).

Came home and did a bunch of sewing, though I don't have much to show for it.. a lot of unfinished things. Sewing rejuvenates my mind and stirs my creativity.

Charles made a pot roast for dinner! Yummmmm. That feeds all my parts: body, mind, soul and heart.

And now I am going to sit down and do some reading (more mind work).

After today I should be in good shape!

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Mama Drama Times Two said...

I have always wondered why refolding my stash doesn't count as exercise.