Saturday, January 09, 2010

Photo Hunt: Bulky

Here's another regular post (carnival) that I might try to do: Photo Hunt. Each Saturday a word is given as the theme. We are to post a photo that fits that theme.

I hope Hubby doesn't hate that I chose this one to post for the world to see. (If he posted a similar one of me I would definitely hate it, but he's not as touchy about some things.)

Bulky refers to our cat. He's a Big Guy! Last time we weighed him he was about 15 lbs. He wants to be with us at every.possible.moment which includes waking and sleeping moments. He sleeps at our feet, more or less, and because he's so Bulky, he pretty much has us trapped in certain positions. At least it's a mutual keep-each-other-warm arrangement.


Beth said...

Our littler dog does that also.. It is more about her being a brat, tho!
PS 88 quilt blocks is a lot!

Nanci said...

Thanks for the comments on my orange quilt...yeah when it's done, I can decide on the binding.

Oh we have a westie and he takes up almost as much space as we do sometimes...20 lbs seems like 50 in the middle of the night.

08armydoc said...

I have a 13-14 pounder that does the same. He lays tight up against me, so the only way I can move is toward the little 8 pounder, who takes the brunt of it when I steamroller her!

Anonymous said...

That is one adorable and squishy kitty!

Sharon said...

Your kitty definitely fits the "bulky" theme! Our kitties do that to us too, and we have one that is 14 lbs. Pretty darn heavy on your feet, but nice and warm too!