Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trouble Adjusting

Wow, this working gig is tough! I've been so worn out! Monday after work I was exhausted again and took a huge nap. I was so dead to the world, I didn't hear one word of the news on TV (right in front of me) and did not hear Hubby come home from work. Wow. I hope I get adjusted pretty soon. If not, I just may have to ... ahem ... retire or something!

Now I'm going to indulge myself and show more pictures of the altar cloths I made for church. It was so much fun to have them put to use and see them with people and activity around them! Everyone who spoke to me loved them. I guess if people didn't like them, they just kept quiet. And that's OK. If that's what they did, they were just being kind.

Haven't done this for a while, so it's time:

What I'm thankful for:

1. Both my children have new jobs that they seem to be enjoying!

2. My husband survived THREE layoff waves at his work, and if you can believe the bosses, he's safe. Whew!

3. Good books - how dull life would be without them!

4. Our pastor reminded us that we are "Jesus with skin." It is so helpful for me to think of other people in that way. When I think of them as Jesus, I will give them the respect and kindness they deserve (or I will try - and hope to be forgiven when I falter).

5. I now have the challenge to live up to myself as "Jesus with skin." That's big! And exciting, too! Think of the possibilities if we all could do this!

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Brenda said...

your work looks great in action. I'm glad others like it, and I know you will enjoy it yourself for a long time I have made a large banner (55 inches by 11 feet) for my church and it brings me comfort every week, plus provokes conversation. I've never posted about it, but I should. It was a huge undertaking (125 people made squares and I made lots myself) and I sewed it together and had to figure out how to hang it.