Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good for the Soul

I'm thankful for the following:

1) Rejuvenation of the soul at the family lake place: beauty, peace, serenity

2) Lake place memories: laughter, great conversation, good books, dear departed family members, good food, fun, frolic

3) Annual cousins' reunion: reconnecting to family has been a real gift (one cousin comes every year from NY, one from MI, the rest of us appreciate their outlay of expense and time to come see us)
4) We read a book and discuss it: a one-book-a-year book club. Always fabulous. Aunt D- comes up with great discussion questions!
5) Four of us went swimming! Very late in the year to do so; the day was warm, the water refreshing!! Swimmers were 40-something, 50-something, 60-something, and 70-something. Aren't we brave??

6) Amazing music pouring out of a small country church - such dynamos, and most of them senior citizens!
7) My 88-year-old mother was given an award by her UMW District: Woman of the Year! It was very nice; I'm so proud of her. (And I overheard two women say, "she doesn't look 88!" - so true!)

8) Hospitality, stars lighting up the night sky, breezes off the lake, trees green with a little red - just starting to think of putting on their autumn coats. Beautiful!!! Ahhhhhhhh.


BrendaLou said...

ahhh, blesses my spirit reading your post.

Beth said...

Sounds wonderful!

Jill said...

Wow Carol - sounds like you had a fabulous weekend - and your mom doesn't look 88 at all1 (if 88 has a "look"!)