Saturday, September 05, 2009

Dinner Break

Today I am keeping myself busy and out of trouble. This morning I got a haircut, and then this afternoon I went to my church to sew. I am working on a surprise project for church (well... some people know about it, but most either don't know or have not yet seen it). It is taking many hours!! Uffda! But I got one out of 3 pieces done, so I feel good. It's the smallest one, however, so I still have many hours of work to go before I'm done.

Before I buckled down to work on the secret project, I made one block just for fun. Here it is:

I came home for a short dinner break. Peanut butter on toast. Fancy shmancy!

On my way home from church, I had a short meeting with this friendly bunny who was in the church yard. Bunny posed so nicely, don't you think? I got to take two pictures and admire his beautiful, brown eyes. Now I'm on my way back for more work on the Secret Project. I hope to show it to you in a week or so.

Thought for the day: Vow to offer joy to one person
in the morning and to help relieve
the grief of one person in the afternoon.

1 comment:

Beth said...

I love the quote...

Do I know about the secret project? I think I do! lol

We were at the fair for 8 plus hours... had a real good time!