Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ladies of Grace - 09-09-09

Wow, today's date is really cool... 9-9-9. Babies born today will have an easy birthdate to remember!


(editing to add this tip: to see some real grace in action, read here.. Silly Boo Dilly)

Join us at Walk a Mile in the Ladies of Grace carnival. Think about a time during the week that you experienced grace in any form. Did your heart warm and soften? Did you accomplish a gracious act? Did someone do something to or for you that warmed your heart? Please share your story so we can learn from each other.

My story of grace involves a person to whom I carry an internal defensiveness. I take everything he says with a grain of salt and automatically discount it, unless it's something I already totally agree with.

This week I had a sudden thought: who am I to determine ahead of time that he is usually wrong? Maybe I should listen with an open mind. Just that little thought gave me a sense of peace. I was happy to get the little insight and to feel better in his presence. It's still a work in progress.... I need to combat that defensive posture that comes up when he speaks. But it worked once just to think that the problem may be with me and not him at all. So I'll keep working on it and try to crack my mind open a little more each time I'm with this person.

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Melissa said...

I had that same realization! I've decided to work on changing me rather then wishing other people would change or trying to change them. I'm definitely a work in progress....especially when I'm crabby. :)