Thursday, September 03, 2009


This gorgeous quilt is on my mom's bed;
it was made by my sister, K.

Thank you for the nice comments yesterday. I debated about posting that story, because I don't like publicly dissing my mom. She is being herself, and I know her personality tends toward a certain affect... I just have to learn to not bristle when it comes to perceived (but maybe not intended) criticism of my kids. I'm working on that and most of the time I do OK with it. I love my mom a lot!

Your comments regarding your experiences with vegetarianism and veganism were very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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Jo said...

That quilt is exquisite!

And I don't think you were dissing your mom. I think it's hard for the generations to understand each other sometimes. We all get frustrated. It's obvious you love your mom a lot, so don't feel guilty. Be thankful she is 88 and you still have her. :-)