Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Five

I post this unofficially... a topic started by someone else. People sign up and link to each other. Not me -- I'm just doing it on my own because it's a good idea and fun.

Five great things about my week:

1) Saw so many cute babies at Trader Joe's!! So adorable! And all the moms were so patient! I loved the little girl with ruffles on her butt whose "normal pace" is run.

2) Last weekend I had such a great time at the lake with my cousins, sister, and mom. It was very rejuvenating for me.

3) Enjoyed a surprise meeting at a training workshop - met someone who knows my son and daughter-in-law and had great things to say about them!

4) I have a lot of fun things to do this weekend, and isn't that fun, because it's my birthday tomorrow!

5) Work is going well. I'm enjoying more contact time with a larger number of students, and more interpreting time, too. I like our new model.


Torina said...

Happy birthday!!

Beth said...

Hey Hey Hey Happy Birthday!

AnnieO said...

How nice for you to have "good things" happen leading up to your birthday weekend. Have fun!

08armydoc said...

Happy birthday!!!!!

CarlaHR said...

Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday - enjoy the day and while you're at it why not spread the celebration into Sunday as well.