Friday, April 03, 2009

Sewing and Ranting

I spent most of today at church, sewing. I go there to use the large tables, but today I didn't feel like working on my large projects. So I was there with all that space, working on small things. Silly me. I could have stayed home, but at least I had uninterrupted work time, and I got lots done. I would have distracted myself at home.

This is a charms pattern from Moda. I started it on Super Bowl Sunday and finally got it all put together today.

Most of my other projects are still unfinished. I made some burial blankets, and I put together some other quilt rows that had been sitting around for too long. I even started a gift for someone who reads my blog, so I can't say any more about it. That was fun as it was very spontaneous; it just popped into my head as I sat sewing at church. I only have this picture to show you.. the pile contains some of the stuff I finished and some things on which I made progress and other things that I started but that are still just beginnings.

Then I came home and started reading blogs. Now I know people have a variety of opinions. I'm fine with that. If someone says they really admire Laura Bush... OK. They can admire her if they want. I don't understand why they do, but... fine. I'm willing to let that one go. But when they say disparaging things about people they obviously have never spoken with, that gets my goat. Take this, for example -- this was actually posted at a blog, in a discussion about Michelle Obama:

"the average person who voted for the Obamas' (sic) doesn't care about the veggie garden she started at the White House or her interest in supporting our troops and their families, they are more interested in what she will wear to the next public outing"

Now that comment brings out the ranter in me. I voted for Barack Obama - not the Obamas. As for Michelle Obama, I am thrilled that she is doing so much for our culture (e.g., the vegetable garden) and spotlighting various educational and social issues, including working with members of the military and their families. I don't care what she wears. I am not a person who pays the least bit of attention to fashion. I find the above comment very offensive.
Can someone please explain to me why so many non-Democrats believe that we Democrats don't care about the military families? And about the lives and well-being of the soldiers themselves? We care A LOT which is why we are opposed to war! And why we believe they deserve decent pay and health benefits and educational, housing, and psychological support when they return home!

I could go on and on, but I'd rather not. I am just continually perplexed by this view of liberals which is so wrong. The writer of that comment should actually speak with a few people who voted for Obama before making such a scathing generalization.


Beth said...

I couldn't agree with you more...for some reason liberals are seen as hmmm ummm less intelligent... less knowing... it really bums me out. I bust my butt every day trying to make this a better place to live for all people...and get this...I am a liberal... thank you for this refreshing post... I think as a liberal I need to spend more time telling about being a liberal and the wonderful things we accomplish!

Kim said...

Well said! Beth makes some very good points as well.

GARI said...

I find that "conservative" people tend to see things in black or white. They see white as what they think and that is the only thing that is right and anything that is different is black and wrong. They also tend to believe what each other says so inuendo quickly turns into truth. See, I, too, can rant.

BrendaLou said...

I guess my RANT is more "why in the world is everyone so quick to want to box people in with generalizations." You see, I am a person who thinks we need a lot less government. I think we need to make more people accountable for the choices they make. But I give excessively generously both of my time and my $$ to causes I believe help to relieve suffering in the world. I'd love it if you would do the same, but I'm sure you wouldn't want me to tell you what causes to support, which people YOU should think deserve your $$ or even compassion. Each of us should look deep within our soul and answer those questions ourselves. Personally, I wish we had a "news" media that was more interested in reporting NEWS than entertainment. I'm thankful to God that we are each created individually, but in His image. Go in peace..find that peace first inside yourself and then spread it around....but please don't tell me what MY peace is or how it should be expressed. Hurray for the USA that says we are created equal and share the right to the pursuit of happiness. How successful we are at that is up to us.

Living on the Spit said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Right on point.

Craftygirl said...

Carol, I have to 'fess up that I'm fascinated by what Michelle wears. I just think she's just such a cool person. She likes to wear sweaters, just like Mr. Rogers! Yay! She seems like such a great momma, and such a caring person . . . I know reporting on her doings isn't exactly news . . . but if more time were spent interviewing people who were getting out there and doing things about their causes, I think more people would be inspired that it's not hopeless.

The kind of news I hate is when it gets that tone. Like when they're yakking about Republican governors who are refusing stimulus money. Please, don't group them because they're Republican, like all Republicans are BAD . . . ask they WHY . . . let them say their piece. I want to know why they're dissenting. If they are just doing it to follow party lines, then I don't like it, but I'd like a chance to hear that they have motivations that apply to their constituent's needs and how.

That's my hope for Obama, that he continues to understand that this is not a Republican nation or a Democratic (party) nation, but a nation of AMERICANS, and we're in this together.

Carol E. said...

Well, I do enjoy seeing Michelle and looking at her clothes, but it's not like I really care... I am bored by fashion overall. To say I care about what she wears would be totally wrong. But I do enjoy seeing her look nice. Like her lovely white inauguration gown. I loved her in that! But what I care about is what she does and what Mr. Obama is doing. And I totally agree with Crafty Girl that we need to be Americans and not so split. Maybe my rant didn't help that cause, but it really does bug me when people make such gross generalizations, especially when they're 100% wrong.

Craftygirl said...

Yeah! Democrats aren't all naive and foolish, Republicans aren't all self-centered and opportunistic . . .

(but if I have to get one set of labels or the other, I know which one I'd pick!)

Caron said...

There is definitely something wrong with the way "news" stories are chosen to be reported on by the media. I can count on one hand the press coverage my war memorial project has gotten.

By maintaining the memorial status, and not allowing it to become a protest piece. It's controversial, but, not controversial enough to garner any press. But it sure does make conservative nervous.

Happy 500th post! So happy I found my way here!

Clare said...

The European tour, and the UK in particular, has been a 100% success as far as the Obama's are concerned. The odd photo of Mrs O standing next to Mme Sarkozy, and better dressed if I may say so, but her easy, laided back manner scored a hit! I listened to her talking to a bunch of school kids, mostly 14/15 year olds, and found her inspiring.

The trouble with newspapers, especially the tabloids, is they print what they think we ought to read, not what we want to read, hence the fashion rubbish.

Congrats on the 500th post.