Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Five

Photo of St Paul Cathedral taken by me in '07. This year it is not this green yet, but it will be soon. Hooray!

I am ecstatic that today is Friday. What a long week! Should be a nice weekend; I'm looking forward to it with glee.

1) This week some people hurt my daughter's feelings, and it was completely unnecessary, not to mention small-minded. What a bunch of dingbats! Even though they are all adults, they were using their junior high brains, I think. It is so hard when my heart aches on behalf of my children. I wish I could wipe away the pain for them. Last night I couldn't get to sleep for thinking about it.

2) My summer is going to be fun, and it is going to fly! I can tell that already. I have a college graduation, two weddings, a mission trip, and I'm going to teach a quilting class. I'll try to squeeze in a couple of visits to the lake as well.

3) Lately I started daily use of a new skill that I learned a while back.. (c-print live captioning.. you probably never heard of c-print. It's a software I got training on, then didn't use very often.) It is exciting to see my skills and speed improve. It is something I really enjoy doing!

4) I have fallen behind on the Friday Block Party and have really done nothing toward my Spring to Finish goals. The quilting will wait. I have been in a quilty slump lately. Slumps happen. I know I'll get my mo-jo back again soon.

5) Have I ever mentioned that I love my job? My students rock and roll! (Even when they don't, they still do. Figure that one out.)


Quilt Pixie said...

sounds like a hard week. No wonder the mojo is not hanging around. But you're right, slumps happen. it'll come back :-)

Nanci said...

My heart goes out to your girl. I know people sometimes say hurtful things not knowing that it in fact does hurt. We've all been there too, so we know the hurt.
She has probably moved on by now though you will remember it.
On a happier note...get some sleep, wear comfy shoes, you will be running from the get go!