Monday, April 27, 2009

Remembering How to Sew

I have been so busy lately that I have barely had time to squeeze in any sewing. Finally tonight I found time to make one block. And I have a binding I am hand sewing to the back of a quilt. That's all I have had time for in the last chunks of forever! I am relieved that I still remember how to sew.

May is fast approaching, and that is always the busiest month! Even busier than December, I think. I get to help deliver part of the message in church next Sunday, AND help with the pancake breakfast AND attend a meeting after the pancakes AND later that same day is our son's final college choir concert of his life. Later in May he is graduating from college, which is very exciting but adds to the frantic-ness. [What is the noun form of 'frantic?' Franticity? Frantiction? Franction? Friction? Franticability?]

Today at work I signed up for two training sessions to take place in a couple of evenings in May. Why? I must be insane. I'll be doing a garage sale in May, also. And we have spring cleaning and yard work to worry about. May will be fun!

Odd Nancy arrived in my mailbox today. Isn't she a doll? Yes, she is a doll. Hand made by Silly BooDilly. I bought Odd Nancy at BooDilly's Etsy shop. Nancy is going to keep me company while I cut strips and pieces and square things up. She enjoys seeing wonky blocks get squared up. It comforts her to have that predictability and squareness. Now that I have adopted her, she is going to drop the "Odd" from her name. She might even change Nancy. She and I haven't decided yet.
Here's Baby Boy just hanging out, feet in air, one sock on, one sock off. Dum de dum dum.

Cute baby boy came to our office at the end of the day. I was the only lucky one still there to visit with him. I was thankful I had my camera with me. He's just too cute!

Today's thankfultionnesses:

1. Babies
2. Good lunches brought from home
3. Mute button on the remote
4. Deciding to take my camera with me to work today
5. My blister is healing quickly


Beth said...

May is frantic here too...3 plus birthdays, Mother's Day , Dance Recital and Memorial Day other added weird things.. and then just life...and of course the big summer countdown! Hang in there!

True Blue Nana said...

How do our lives get so frantic. I thought when I retired that I would sit around but I sure haven't lately. I am not getting much sewing done either and I am aching to have some choices in what I do.

Victoria said...

Good to see Odd Nancy!

...And I am sure she will enthusiastically welcome a new name... very old Hollywood, name changing that is... it appeals to her senses!