Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yikes! I Did it Again!

Oh, me and my big ideas. I have been thinking that I need to get some regular exercise. I always tell myself that I'll start walking outside. But there are always too many excuses: too hot, raining, too cold, too icy, too dark. So then I go back to thinking about joining a club.

A while ago I finally quit my Y membership, because I was paying but not going. Now there is an Anytime Fitness near my house. I mean.. really near. I could walk to it. Any time I'm out and about, I drive right past it. It has been shaking its finger at me and making me feel guilty. So I went in today and joined. Oh, boy. Here we go again. I hope I can keep going, because this is the closest to my house a gym can get without being in my back yard. It couldn't be more convenient. I want to be healthier... I hope I can get myself to go to the gym.

Funny thing.. the manager was very friendly and personable. He admitted to me that he hates to exercise, too. Somehow that made it feel more like a friendly place where I can make it work.

And now I'm retired so have even fewer excuses for not fitting it into my day. I've done this and failed more than once, as you may remember. Crossing my fingers! You can cross yours for me too, if you want.


Sara said...

Been where you are, and still AM where you are -- except I haven't joined any club.

My goal is to ride my exercise bicycle every day -- even if only for ten minutes.

Good discipline to both of us!

Brenda said...

I go to the gym three mornings a week and really feel it if I don't. I try not to let other things cut short my gym time. and having a friendly gym helps a lot too!

Cathy said...

Totally crossing my fingers for you!!! I exercise 6 days a week. Eek! You can do it!!!!

Beth said...

Make it a priority, make it a habit and smile! Lots of fresh oxygen will hit your brain and you will learn to love it! Everyone thinks they hate it...whats to hate?