Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Report

I visited my mom on Friday and Saturday. I helped her get rid of a bunch of recycling and threw away some junk she wanted to get rid of. Also helped her change the sheets on her bed. She doesn't like to feel that she is a burden, so she tries to stop me from helping her, but I made her accept my help. I wanted to help her! After all, she is 91 years and 11 months old. She has earned the right to have a little bit of help now and then. And after all she has done for me, I have the right to help! Yes? Yes!

On Saturday the wind blew in from Canada and brought blowing snow and plummeting temps. While I was out running errands for my mom, the temperature fell from 21 deg F. to 12 deg F in just over an hour. It is not even going to get out of the negative numbers for tomorrow's high. I'm planning to stay inside as much as possible.

When I wasn't at my mom's, I was home, sewing. This is a bit of what I accomplished over the last 4 or 5 days (none of these from start to finish, so don't have a heart attack). I'm not THAT fast:

I don't know who gave me these string blocks. I had to make 4 more to complete the top. It will eventually go to Wrap a Smile.

This is a scrappy top I'd forgotten I had. I found it in my "projects" pile. Added a second border to it, because it was on the small side. It, too, will go to Wrap a Smile.

This red one was the subject of a post where I asked for your input. Thank you for your comments and ideas. I decided to do the simple thing and just slap these on as regular borders. I liked the idea of slashing and adding the vertical whites, especially if done on a slant, but I just didn't want to take the time to fuss with it. So far I have no idea where this quilt will end up.

While sewing, I watched some football. This is the end of the Atlanta - SanFran game. My friend in Atlanta was bummed that SanFran won. Notice that piece of wood with things sticking in and out of it? That is our home-made TV antenna, made out of a clothes hanger. Hubby found the pattern online. It's not glamorous, but it works great! We don't have cable, but our antennas work just fine.

Found these nine-patches that I had forgotten about. I'm working on getting this top assembled. This and another one similar to it will be gift quilts for a family I know.

I almost finished knitting this sweet little preemie hat; I was at my mom's and had forgotten to take along all the supplies I needed. I'll finish it in the next few minutes. It is sitting on top of a quilt that I need to hurry and quilt. I did make progress in getting it laid out on the table, and I cut a backing piece for it. Next: cut the batting and iron the backing piece - then quilt!

I notice my readership is up to 135 which I feel is so fun and an honor! Thank you for being my blog followers, all 135 of you! Wanda H's link at her blog, Exuberant Color, helped bring some traffic my way. I think that accounts for the recent upsurge. I'll try to not bore you to death at my blog! Hang in there when I have my boring days, please. Hugs to you all!


felice said...

Wow! You accomplished an amazing amount of stuff! I like your tv antenna. I think it needs faces painted on the wood...the hangers could be eyelashes or whiskers!

beth said...

All those projects...and you call it a boring day?? wink wink. ;)

Sextant said...

I love your husband's antennae. We have cable and watch 3 shows a week. I just tore down our house anttennae last fall the day before Sandy hit. Unfortunately with the hills in Pittsburgh broad cast TV doesn't work very well.

Good job on the gym membership, hope you keep up the program. I need to do the same, but I would be happy just to get off my can and walk for 30 minutes every day.

AnnieO said...

I recently helped my 93 y.o. MIL with the same tasks--except for making the bed :) Lots of great needle and thread and fabric therapy going on at your house. Love it! Stay warm.